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    Oct 16, 2021  
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Automotive Analysis & Repair, (DIPL)

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Program Info

Minimum credits: 72
Length: 5 semesters


Career opportunities:

Automotive Technician: $37,900- 40,000 Job growth: 5-8% from 2014-2024
Automotive Machinist: $43,600 Job growth: 10%
Farm Equipment Mechanic & Service Tech: $37,050 Job growth: 2.5%
Parts salesperson: $30,500 Job growth: 7%

*Median salaries & job growth nationwide as of 2015. BLS.gov

Division: Workforce Services
Contact: 434.797.6437
Award: Diploma
Plan Code: 907 CIP Code: 47.0604

Program Description

The Diploma in Automotive Analysis and Repair prepares students in the theory of repair and the areas of automotive powertrain including engines, transmissions, final drive systems, fuel and electrical systems, suspension repair and alignment, climate control systems, and computerized engine control diagnostics and repair. Students work in a shop with industry-standard equipment including vehicle lifts, wheel alignment machines, powertrain hoists and jacks, parts and assembly cleaning equipment, electrical theory simulators and testing equipment, and air conditioning and refrigerant machines. This program is accredited by the National Automotive Training Education Foundation (NATEF) at the Master level.

Applicants should also be aware of the following:

  1. A basic automotive tool kit is required. Instructor will provide a tool list. Estimated cost: $300-600.
  2. Books and online access cost an estimated $500.
  3. A clean, valid driver’s license is normally required for careers in the automotive repair industry.

Program Outcomes: Graduates will be able to:

  • Use an automotive scan tool and a multi-meter to retrieve information and diagnose a modern automobile.
  • Work in teams to complete disassembly & reassembly of an automatic transmission.
  • Use precision measurement tools such as an outside micrometer & a torque wrench.
  • Complete a four-wheel brake job on a modern auto.
  • Successfully complete a Shop Safety Course.

Industry Certifications: ASE/NATEF, Mobile Air Conditioning, Virginia Vehicle Safety Inspection License, Snap-On Meter Training, S/P2 Safety Training.

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