2022-2023 Course Catalog 
    Jun 08, 2023  
2022-2023 Course Catalog

Digital Imaging and Photography, (CSC)

Program Info

Minimum credits: 16
Length: 1-2 semesters

Division: Workforce Services
Contact: 434.797.8433
Award: Career Studies Certificate
Plan Code: 221-502-10 CIP Code: 50.0605


Program Description

The Career Studies Certificate in Digital Imaging and Photography prepares students for taking high quality photographs and editing, enhancing, printing, and publishing them online.

Program Outcomes: Graduates of this program will demonstrate:

  • Understanding of the impact using several types of cameras, flash, and studio lighting and equipment.
  • A technical understanding of basic camera functions aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, and focus.
  • Concepts of composition including the rule of thirds, vanishing point, and lines perspective.
  • The ability to edit photos using basic digital photo editing tools, to create black and white, crop, straighten, color adjust, burn and dodge.